Tips For Motorcycle Touring

Have you been dreaming of going motorcycle touring? All Things Motorbike have created this quick guide, giving you information and tips to get you on your way!

Prepare Your Motorbike

You should feel comfortable in the knowledge your motorbike is ready for the trip, so check these things out before setting off:

  • Oil and filter
  • All fluids checked and topped up if required
  • Drive belt and chain adjustment
  • Brake pads checked
  • Tire pressures and tread
  • Spark plugs checked
  • Pivot points checking and greased
  • Bearings checked

Bike Insurance 

Let your insurance provider know where you’re going. It’s worth giving them a call to discuss where you plan on going, what happens if you have an accident or if your bikes stolen.

MOT & Tax 

Check the MOT & Tax, if they run out while you’re away it could affect your insurance.

Luggage & Load

Before setting off, take your bike on a test ride when it’s fully loaded. This gives you time to make the changes required, you don’t want to be in a mad panic just before you set off!


Make sure you can produce these documents when required, for example when crossing boards or stopped by the police:

✤ Passport

✤ Driver Licence


✤ Breakdown Policy

✤ Vehicle Registration

Map It Out

Plan where you want to get to, and then think about:

What would you like to see along the way?

How long does it take to get there?

Where are you going to stay over?

Rest stops!

Organised Tours

If you think you might want more support when riding abroad, you could always contact a company that specialises in organising agendas and itineraries for you.

Most companies offer a few different options such as – just hiring a motorbike, hiring a bike and joining a scheduled tour or riding your own bike and joining a tour.

All Things Motorbike have made choosing a tours company easier, by listing the very finest in the industry here: Motorcycle Tour Companies

So now you have a guide to work from while planning your motorcycle tour. All Things Motorbike hope you found this useful and if you have anything to add please do so below!