Ducati Performance Open weekend: 16th to 17th September

Certain Ducati dealers in the UK will be offering a weekend of special deals on a range of Ducati Performance accessories.

Ducati owners are known for putting a lot of time and effort into creating their own, personalised masterpieces. They are now being given the chance by Ducati to add that bit extra to their pride and joys, to meet this demand an array of parts will be on sale including; carbon fibre and titanium parts, as well as electronic components and touring equipment.

If you’d like to become a Ducati owner:

  • SuperSport is available from £99 per month
  • Low-rate finance of 3% APR on all Monsters & Scramblers (as well as the Monster 1200R and the Scrambler Desert Sled)
  • Deposits of up to £1000 available on all 2017 Multistradas.

So check with your local dealer and see if they are involved in the 16th and 17th September promotions and confirm the opening times. You may also want to take your riding gear; word on the street is that test rides are available..!

For more details: Ducati